Dadworld is a team of Dads and Dad-adjacents who between them have over twenty years of Ecommerce experience. Our first business, Earjobs, has helped over 100,000 Aussies keep their ears safe. 

    We created Dadworld because we believe that bad jokes, beer and barbecues are just the tip of the iceberg of being a Dad in 2023. We're all about the new generation of Dads:

    • Dads that are active, involved, loving parents.
    • Dads who know how to take care of themselves; inside and out. 
    • Dads from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences
    • Dads who show up, are flexible and emotionally supportive

    More than just a store, Dadworld is also a place for Dads and those close to them to connect with one another, share opinions and find information and guides you won't find anywhere else. 

    Dadworld is here to unlock Dad's hidden potential!  

    dadtronica founder
    Dadworld founder Cel doing some essential reading.