In this guide, we’re counting down the best and most comfortable baby carriers for Dads on the market, suitable for everyone from newborns to larger toddlers. These are all comfortable, secure and easily worn by Dads of all sizes with wide varieties of accessories and features for all climates and situations. 

Beco 8 Baby Carrier


The Swiss Army Knife of baby carriers, the Beco 8 is a fully kitted out carrying solution with basically every feature or accessory you could imagine. If you want a baby carrier for all seasons and all styles, you can’t look past the Beco 8. 

Firstly, why do they call it an 8? The Beco 8 is titled for the EIGHT different ways it can be worn. It can be worn facing in or out, back or hip carry, with each of these styles varied by whether the ventilated panel is open or not. In the winter, closing the panel increases warmth, protecting you and the baby from cool drafts. In the summer, opening the panel allows the passage of air, regulating the temperature for comfortable all-day wear.

It includes a variety of little optimisations for customisation and comfort. Starting from the top, a built-in headrest provides strong neck support for the little one, particularly when sleeping. An additional detachable sleep hood allows you to block out the light, particularly great for when the little one is napping (and you’re desperate for them not to wake up!) 

For dad, there’s a removable lumbar support panel, providing additional back support and assisting with posture. These comfort optimisations are great for supporting back health, allowing you to wear the carrier for longer periods without discomfort. The Beco 8 additionally has pockets built into the waist, allowing for easy access to important accessories. Stash the dummy, the muesli bar, the car keys (or let's face it, the phone with Kayo) right where you can reach for it. 

If you’re looking for a hard wearing carrier for a first time dad, you can’t look past the Beco 8 for flexibility, adjustability, and comfort. It’s suitable for newborn to toddler, and fits all adult wearers. 

Beco Toddler Carrier


They grow up so fast. If your toddler is starting to outgrow their earlier carrier, it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, Beco make it so easy with the Toddler Carrier — an upsized solution that retains the same comfort and flexibility of their baby models. 

Designed for children from 18 months to up to five years (weight limit 27kg), the Toddler Carrier can be worn in three configurations: front facing-in, hip and back carry. In comparison to the Beco 8, the wider seat and taller back accommodates the growing child. In contrast to the Beco 8, this doesn’t need an insert to accommodate infants — it’s suitable for a wide variety of sizes (roughly 9kg to 27kg) which means a longer lasting solution until they’re walking about themselves.

Like the Beco 8, this includes both the headrest and the detachable sleep hood. For sun conscious parents particularly, the sleep hood can be used to protect the little one from the sun’s rays (just make sure Dad’s got the SPF too!) In addition to the waist pocket, a detachable zippered bag allows greater storage when you’re on the go. For a dad who wants something simple to use but effective, the Toddler Carrier is your best bet. 

Boba Air Ultra Lightweight Carrier

boba ultra
If you’re dealing with a space conscious dad (we’re talking the kind of dad who spends a lot of time weighing luggage before a trip overseas) the Boba Air Ultra Lightweight Carrier is a great low profile, simple solution. 

Weighing only half a kilo, the Boba Air is compact, self-storing and so, so light. You really can just roll it up and pop it in the bottom of a backpack or in the boot of the car. It gives you flexibility for spontaneous trips (and grizzly babies!) It’s suitable for a front or back carry, can be put on quickly, and is made of an ultralight nylon that can be easily cleaned and dries super fast. 

Padded mesh straps and leg openings mean comfort for dad and the little one. An integrated hood protects from rain and sun, doubling as a sleep hood when they’re snoozing. It’s ergonomically designed to protect your child’s hip and back health, particularly as they’re growing. 

This is the ultimate choice for the no-nonsense Dad. Just strap on the waist clip, pop the baby in, set the straps and you’re out of here. It’s the lightest solution and the most portable, though it lacks some of the bells and whistles we see with the more complicated Beco models. 

Boba Wrap Organic Gemini Baby Carrier

boba organic

A baby wrap is a great alternative (or some would say, the
original) to a nylon carrier. Rather than being a structure you wear, a wrap is something you tie around yourself, allowing the closest proximity to your baby, as well as a flexible wear that contours perfectly to their skin. 

The best in class for wraps is the Boba. It’s made with hypoallergenic materials — organic cotton! — and suitable for sensitive skin and for minimising your baby’s exposure to synthetics. 

In contrast to the other carriers, it’s designed to be worn one way: upright tummy-to-tummy. This kind of proximity to the parent provides warm and comfort and is said to help regulate your child’s sleep and heart rate. Because you’re actually tying the wrap around your baby, it allows you to more carefully regulate their fit, meaning a more flexible fit for your baby’s unique shape. 

Suitable for cooler climates, the heavier-weight cotton knit is strong and hardwearing. 95% French Terry Cotton is mixed with 5% spandex, which helps the wrap retain its shape and bounce after ongoing wear. It’s still breathable cotton, but just something to be conscious of in warmer months. 

Like the Boba Air, the Wrap is a great no nonsense solution. It’s super simple, easily applied once you learn to tie it, and suitable for babies from birth to up to 15kg (though it’s best suited for babies around 10kg). For the closest contact with your baby, you can’t look past the Boba Wrap.